Medak, AndhraPradesh: A worst road accident occured by the collision of two cars

27 December 2015

Five were killed in a road accident in Medak district. T.k.Prasad(37) of Vijayawada working as technician in Bidar air force, Karnataka. He had bought a new car in Hyderabad. On the outskirts of the village rejintala at Nyalkal zone, he went to the temple of srisiddhivinayaka with his family on Friday night. When returning to bidar, at metalkunta gangvar zone, they were struck by another car coming from the Bidar. The people travelling in the vehicle passing Prasad, santosreddi (26), his wife Sunita Prasad (32), son Chetan (4), aunt sitamahalaksmi (55) were died. Yasita Prasad's daughter, brother-in-law uyadbhaskar, Jayashree were undergoing treatment in hospital in Bidar. The woman was badly hurt in a car coming from the other side of Bidar.

Medak,Andhra Pradesh

Victims Involved in this Accident

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Died Victims Count : 5


Injuried Victims Count : 4

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